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As I awoke to a clouded reality, I knew that this time, was the last time. My parents had gathered my belongings as I was escorted from the hospital bed via wheelchair, though I knew the process I was partaking in all too well. I became a… Continue reading

Where’s the closest EcoATM?

Through learning about issues of energy and the environment, I quickly became aware of the role society plays in impacting the earth as a whole. By society, I mean humans, and in the era of throw-away consumerism, one of the primary things we contribute to the planet is waste. This waste traditionally came in the form of plastic … Continue reading Where’s the closest EcoATM?

Paying for his comments

Corona Sprint Mercedes-Benz LoanMart Mandalay Bay Hotels Commerce Hotel Ford Yokohama Tire Amtrak Red Bull Kia Carmax State Farm Virgin America AquaHydrate What do all of these companies have in common? Well aside from the fact that they are have all proven themselves in today’s economy, they all just recently dropped their name from the … Continue reading Paying for his comments